CoAspire is ON HOLD FOR accepting resumes as coaspire employees supporting the us government on-site in downtown d.c.

We have to wait until the government releases its solicitation for these positions. This solicitation was expected in April, and we've now discovered it might be several more months. As a preview, please look at the job descriptions below and we will inform you ASAP when the positions become open again.

Thank you for your patience.

Job Titles: 

  1. Program Manager
  2. Subject Matter Expert in National Security and Trade (8 positions)
  3. Technical Editor (2 positions)
  4. Call Center Representative Congressional, Industrial, Government Liaison (4 positions)

CoAspire, LLC was accepting resumes for 15 (fifteen) positions but that activity is on hold.

CoAspire is an equal opportunity employer and applicants and employees are protected under Federal Law from discrimination as highlighted in this EEO document:



CoAspire's Corporate Culture

CoAspire's corporate culture is predicated on serving our employees, providing them with the tools, good pay, benefits, and the knowledge they need to succeed.

CoAspire's goal is to enable its employees so they can achieve their career and professional development goals. We focus on hiring quality employees, and putting the right people in the right place at the right time.

Above all, we emphasize personal integrity and business ethics as the foundation for all that we do for our customers.  We are realistic; we focus on our clients' missions, manage challenging problems, and blend academic excellence with extensive operational experience.

We are easy going in that we support our customers' requirements but are dedicated to our people.  We hire for character and train for skill.  

We believe that by taking care of our employees, they will in turn take care of our customers.  As such CoAspire consistently provides our employees with the opportunities they need for growth and advancement in order to enable them to achieve their career goals. 

The following is a very good list that helps define the culture of CoAspire, where it is okay to:

 At CoAspire, it is okay to...

At CoAspire, Let's Grow Together!