CoAspire is now a federally funded subcontractor working on cutting edge Artificial Intelligence activities for the DoD.

CoAspire also has re-seller agreements with many IT and software companies, including HPE, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. CoAspire employees have passed several of the challenging CompTIA cybersecurity examinations and certifications.

CoAspire has been a subcontractor since 2015 to one of the world's largest software providers, PTC.  CoAspire also provides both IT and Cyber Services and is a software and hardware reseller to the federal government through companies like Carahsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Ingram Micro, IBM, Dell, McAfee, Corel, Synnex, ImmixGroup and RSA. CoAspire's goal in providing IT and Cybersecurity solutions is:

"OUR CustomerS and Their Missions Comes First"

CoAspire has experience with its own employees providing cybersecurity expertise to the Department of Commerce.  Additionally, CoAspire has past experience providing Citrix trained IT professionals as network administrators for federal customers, and past experience in Mobile Device Management and in Computer Network Defense (and Attack) with the U.S. military.  The CEO and employees of the company are certified in Cybersecurity by passing the demanding CompTIA Security+ Certification exam.

Building off of this experience, CoAspire is partnering with many IT and Cybersecurity companies now and helped the US Coast Guard (as a subcontractor) plan for alternative Cyber futures.

CoAspire is an authorized silver-level software re-seller for Citrix for mobile, networking, and file sharing.  CoAspire can offer Citrix products directly to customers to help mobilize their workforce, secure their enterprise, and optimize their networks.  

CoAspire can provide Cybersecurity and IT services to government customers by using its prime Seaport-e contract with the U.S. Navy. Please contact us at for additional information on our Cybersecurity and IT offerings.


In Cybersecurity, both federal and commercial customers are focused on:

  1. Continuous Monitoring

  2. Identity Management

  3. Vulnerability and Penetrations (See our new offer in this area here.)

  4. Testing Automation

  5. Layered Security

  6. Analytics and

  7. Education and Training

  8. Insider Threats

Therefore, CoAspire is building a team and will work with its partners to: 

  • Develop through R&D tools to Enhance IT and Network Security

  • Develop Capabilities and Strategic Policies to Ensure Freedom of Access and Secure Networks

  • Help develop Cybersecurity Tools and Practices for Enhanced IA

  • Enhance Critical Infrastructure Security for Government and the Private Sector

  • Help Build and Train the Cyber Force

  • Better understand and operationalize DoD Cyber Strategy Requirements

  • Promote Interagency Development of National Cyber Security Policy

  • Explore Initiatives to Increase Private Sector Participation

  • Help Define Clear Acquisition Priorities for Cyber Capabilities for customers

  • Help Operationalize Cyber Forces