Finding NAVAIR Support Contractors

Friends, Happy New Year.  Thanks to the great response to an earlier posting, CoAspire was recently able to find and put under contract a senior naval aviation professional.  We are going to try it again at a much larger scale.  We have now joined a team competing to win a NAVAIR small business contract and follow-on task orders.  The final step for our proposal is to put forward resumes in response to a draft task order of folks interested in being a Program Manager, or a Project Lead for a proposed NAVAIR program that involves Logistics, IT systems, acquisition strategy and support to multiple programs and offices.  This sample task order that we are competing for is an opportunity to show that we can find quality people for future opportunities later in 2016.  Equally important to the top two positions is the need to fill a large list of qualified professionals at the senior, mid-level and junior levels for this same NAVAIR program. We need a senior, mid-level and junior-level:


-        Engineer

-        Operations Research Analyst

-        Acquisition Analyst

-        Information Technology Specialist

-        Logistician (Senior position has already been filled)

-        Configuration Data Management (CDM Support)

-        Facilitator/Trainer Support

-        Financial Management

-        Management Analyst

-        Technical Writer (just mid-level and junior level)

-        Administrative Assistant


I will pass along detailed draft job descriptions from the NAVAIR RFP to anyone interested in learning more details about these ~35 positions.  What is key to know is that this is not an offer of employment or a contract.  Our team has to win a contract, and then we will compete for a task order.  We expect this to be the first task order, but that is an assumption. Location is assumed to be Patuxent River, MD, and the earliest we think anyone would get one of these positions in August, 2016.  We can’t confirm that until we win and see the task orders.  For now, our strategy is to discreetly collect through our network the resumes of high-quality, interested, candidates.  If we win the contract and task order, then we will offer our candidates very competitive compensation and give them an opportunity to come aboard our team working onsite for the NAVAIR customer.  If you know someone who is interested in discretely offering their resumes for initial consideration, please contact CoAspire at

By no means is this a binding decision.  The candidate can decline any future offers from us, and there is a chance our small business team won’t win.  This is just an opportunity for all of us to help others who are retiring, separating, or interested in a new opportunity supporting the NAVAIR customer.  

Thank you!