CoAspire Earns its Third #GSA IT70 SIN - Cyber Hunt

CoAspire GSA_Schedule_StarMark_Color_w_Contract_Number_Arial.jpg

CoAspire achieved its third IT70 #Cybersecurity qualification (SIN) on the GSA IT70 schedule. So now CoAspire can be put under contract by federal customers in seventeen different labor categories for IT Professional Services, Cyber Hunt and Cyber Incident Response. CoAspire passed an arduous GSA-led qualification process, including oral interviews and past performance evaluations. Below is a link to GSA Advantage with our 17 pages of labor categories and GSA-approved price list. Give us a shout if you need best-in-class IT services and cyber protection:

CoAspire’s GSA Advantage Labor Categories, Prices and Ts&Cs