CoAspire has submitted its #SeaPort-Next Generation Contract Proposal

Photo US Navy

Photo US Navy

CoAspire has submitted its SeaPort-Next Generation Proposal and is excited to hopefully win a prime contract. CoAspire's teammates on this proposal (subcontractors) are Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, PTC Inc, Ventus Executive Solutions, LLC and Socius Solutions, Inc.

CoAspire is a prime on the NAVSEA SeaPort-E schedule, but NAVSEA is ending the SeaPort-E schedule and creating the SeaPort-NxG schedule. There will be similarities between the schedules but some major changes will also occur. Where SeaPort-E is broken down into seven zones based on regions across the United States, SeaPort-NxG will no longer separate contract holders into zones; all MAC holders will have the opportunity to submit proposals for any zone.

Another major change in SeaPort-NxG will be in regards to the functional areas. SeaPort-E contains 22 distinct functional areas; SeaPort-NxG is expected to have two broad functional areas – Engineering Support Services and Program Management Support Services. There will then be 29 subcategories between the two large functional areas.

Lastly, where SeaPort-E only required a contractor to have prior Department of Defense experience, SeaPort-NxG is expected to require more narrowly tailored experience specific to the Department of the Navy, which must be verifiable through the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System or government endorsement.  CoAspire has the verifiable support to the Navy as a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin.